N+H is a referral agency focused on the concept of incorporating top notch nanny care and home management assistance. Being referral based we do not employ you directly, take a cut of your pay or expect you to sign any crazy non-compete clauses…


We are BIG advocates for legally employed nannies, fair working conditions and above minimum wage rates.


Having worked as a nanny for many years herself, N+H’s founder Amanda specialises in providing guidance and support to both nanny and client long after the process has taken place.  She understands the value in an agent having an open door policy that extends beyond the placement.


Benefits of Nannying!


  • Flexibility to fit in with your lifestyle and / or Uni timetable
  • A job that you love should working with children be a passion of yours
  • Learn to view the world through the eyes of a child
  • Earn a great wage with assistance from N+H during rate negotiation
  • Work in a safe environment where you feel respected and appreciated




What is N+H looking for in a Nanny?


  • Minimum of 2 years child care industry experience and minimum of 2 glowing work related references
  • 18 years+
  • Permanent Australian resident
  • WWCC clearance
  • Current first aid and CPR certification
  • Natural affinity with children



What is your placement process?


  • Application

Should you be interested in upcoming roles or wanting to apply for an advertised position we will request you complete the following registration form:


In addition to the data we collect (and store confidentially) we will request a copy of your current CV, any relevant certifications, WWCC and/or National Police Check and referee contact details.


  • Primary “get to know you” interview

We will then arrange a casual primary interview, face to face if local to Brisbane, otherwise via Skype or over the phone. This allows us to discuss your previous roles in more detail, learn more about you in general, what type of position you are looking for, answer any questions you may have and discuss the role you are applying for.


  • Evaluation + Verification

If we feel that you may fit the family profile of advertised position and you are satisfied with the position information and expectations, we will verify your references.  Should the references come back positively glowing we will happily recommend you for the role. For your own information, at this point in time we forward on 3 selected candidates’ profiles for the family to consider.


  • Secondary interview with family

On recommendation, we will set up a secondary interview date and time considering both the family’s and your availability – this will allow both you and the family to gauge whether you will be a good fit for one another. This interview typically takes place in the family home (the workplace), on some occasions a parent may feel more comfortable meeting at a café. Please get in touch with N+H after your interview to let us know how you felt it all went.


  • Job offer + contract

If both the family and yourself agree that you are a good fit the family will engage your services as their nanny.  It is not compulsory, but some families and nannies alike prefer to have a contract written up to protect all parties. We highly recommend that you do agree to this as it sets the job expectation from day one and ensures both parties are on the same page.  From a nanny’s perspective, it is a good time to speak up about any tasks you are not comfortable undertaking.


  • Support

We will check in from time to time to ensure all is running smoothly for yourself and your family.  But know that our door is always open should you have any concerns or questions.


Here’s that registration link again should you wish to register with us: