Visualise this. Smashing out productive days at the office and returning home to calm, happy children; a tidy home and the smell of dinner wafting from the kitchen.  Sound good to you? Here at Nanny and Home, we care about the whole family.   We understand that we could all use a little help to make a difference in our family life.  Let us match you with the perfect home managing nanny so you can regain some of our most precious resource, time.


What is a home managing nanny you ask?


  • An experienced (and often qualified) child care professional who’s primary role is to meet the needs of your children during the day and/or evening
  • Responsible for preparing meals (for both children and family in some cases), facilitating daily activities that are educational and stimulating, promoting developmental milestones and undertaking light household duties
  • An 18 years+ permanent Australian resident, with police clearance to work with children (WWCC) and first aid and CPR certification
  • Licenced to drive on Australian roads (with a clean driving record) and provide their own reliable vehicle should position require this
  • Employed on a part time or full time basis


What is your placement process? What is included in my placement fee?


  • Application

Whether you express interest via our website, social media or over the phone we will request that you complete our ‘family registration form’.  The data collected (and stored confidentially) allows us to create your family profile and understand your requirements.  This in turn assists in building an ideal candidate image. In addition to this N+H registration, we will schedule a face to face meeting or phone call to discuss these requirements in greater detail and answer any questions that you may have.


Our registration form can be found here:



  • Advertising

Using the information we have gathered we will now create a brief to send off to the market.  At the commencement of this advertisement campaign we will request a 50% deposit of placement fees.  N+H advertise positions far and wide – we utilise a high traffic child care recruitment website and access private nanny community portals. In addition to these platforms we advertise through our N+H website, social media spaces and connect with our existing database of nannies.  We will only consider candidates who meet the following criteria: 18 years+, Australian residency, Police Check clearance, First Aid + CPR certification, a minimum of 2 years child care industry experience along with positive work related references from all selected referees. A current Australian Drivers License and clean driving record if driving is required for a position.  Desirable credentials include a child care industry qualification, household management experience, PA experience and environmental things such as being comfortable around pets (if relevant to position).


  • Evaluation + Verification

As interest builds we collect CV’s, certifications, references and create candidate profiles.  Next we conduct primary interviews ensuring a thorough background check is conducted including verifying references, previous employment and personality profiling.


  • Referral + Scheduling

At this stage we refer 3 potential candidates that fit your profile on for a secondary interview with you and your family. We will look after the scheduling of these interviews based on your availability and provide you with a general interview guide so you can be prompted should you feel unsure of what questions to ask.


  • Secondary Interview

Generally this is conducted as a face to face in-home interview as gauging a personal connection is vital in this process along with discovering candidates personality, philosophies on discipline and child development.  Keep in mind, you do have the option of arranging a casual chat over the phone before deciding to meet in person.


  • Debrief

Once those secondary interviews are completed we follow up and discuss candidates. If at this time you feel unsure and would like to meet with a second round of candidates we can facilitate this also.


  • Job offer + Contract

And when you are confident that you have selected the most suitable nanny for your family and engaged in their services we will request the balance of placement fees. At this time we can provide you with a contract guide and some home management/family/nanny templates should these be of interest  to you. We highly recommend a contract be drafted and signed by yourself and your selected nanny to protect all parties in setting out job expectations (pay rates, employment terms etc.). Having open communication and clear expectations is key to maintaining a professional and long term relationship with your nanny.


  • Guarantee + Support

Our placement fee includes our 3 month guarantee period – we work hard to ensure a perfect match is made during the initial placement process, but we understand there are many considerations and variables that can result in resignation/termination of contract.  Should you find yourself in this position within the first 3 months of employing your nanny we will conduct one placement process free of charge.

AND KNOW YOU ARE SUPPORTED! We will check in from time to time to ensure all is running smoothly for yourself and your nanny.  Our door is always open should you have any concerns or questions.


Placement fees

N+H charge a one off placement fee of $699-999 inclusive of GST dependent on position requirements.  This fee is to be completed over 2 payments, 50% on position advertisement and the balance on employment of nanny. N+H recommend a gross hourly rate of $23-35 per hour dependent on location, nanny experience, education, job expectation and number of children in care.  We can assist in the negotiation stage of interview process. For more information, please contact us via our website and request a copy of our ‘Employers Obligations’ fact sheet. Alternatively, give us an obligation free call on 0424 962 669 to discuss fees and costs associated with employing a nanny or just to talk through your child care options!


For free registration with Nanny + Home please complete the following form: